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Our Community Matters

Crawford’s Comfort Zone is a multi-purpose, state of the art community center in Roberta, Georgia. Here, you get to connect with your peers, learn something new, expand your opportunities, all while having fun! With great services and facilities, children and grown-ups alike can always find a new activity to participate in at our Community Center.

"Changing the community, One child at a time"

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Community Involvement 

See What We Have to Offer

Quality time for children and family consists of friendly faces, imaginary places and lots of fun! These programs are specifically designed with age-appropriate needs in mind. 

Digital Literacy After School Camp

Monday- Friday (3:30-6:30pm)

Providing our students with knowledge to use digital gadgets to navigate websites, assess social media platforms, send and receive emails, and Enhancing speech, listenings, learning, writing, problem solving and creativity.​

Curious to learn more about our wide range of programs? Contact us today and stop by for a visit!

Get to Know Us

Enhancing the Quality of Life

Starting in 2021, Crawford’s Comfort Zone has played a major role in the Crawford County community. Our center is a place of gathering where members can come together to socialize and engage in healthy activities together. At Crawford’s Comfort Zone, our mission is to change the community, one child a time. We plan to enhance the community’s quality of life by providing residential youths a wide range of recreational, and social activities that are both unifying and empowering. We will hand and hand with each child providing assistance in tutoring, building relationships, lowering the bullying rates.  

For many years, Ciara has been making an impact on the lives of members in the community through our wide range of enriching programs and events. What is starting off as a big idea in a small space, will grow to be the hub for recreational enrichment.


Contact Us

Crawford’s Comfort Zone is your community center. Let us know what we can do for you.

22 Wright Ave

Roberta GA 31078


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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 3:00pm- 6:30 pm

Sat: Call for Hours
Sun: Closed

Always Open to Fun Times
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